May I Have This Dance, 90s Edition (Film Series): #5

Here we are at the end of the May I Have This Dance, 90s Edition (Film Series).  To reflect, we danced to My Sharona in a convenient store with the friends of  Reality Bites. Then we skipped over to Jack Rabbit Slims to do the twist, swim, and the batman with Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction. Then we jumped back to 1990 to crash the best House Party and remembered how to do the The Kick Step" and "The Funky Charleston" with Kid n' Play. Last we we attended Romy and Michele's High School Reunion and embraced the beauty of skipping and twirling to Cyndi Lauper's Time After Time. 

We clearly shifted gears a lot in this series, but staying true to the theme: dances scenes in films where you do not expected dancing. In today's film, you may say you expect by the title that dancing would occur, but I doubt you would expect it in the library, working late at night, while shelving books.  

Honestly, we really should dance more when we work. As Mary (Parker Posey) proved in Party Girl (1995) twirls, cartwheels, spins on a library cart might just be the moves to take you from loathing to loving your job.  Plus all to the beats being spun by her roommate (at a different location, of course). I have had to included the "Club Scene" clip that precedes the "Library dance" scene. Her roommate Leo (Guillermo Díaz) almost blows his big DJ shot, but pulls it off thanks to the girl in silver. 

If you know or have ever met a librarian who went into the profession after 1995, then you are probably aware Mary is our spirit animal. From "party girl" to master of the the Dewey Decimal System. She finds her passion in studying to be a librarian, but does so retaining her unique style, and of course, dance moves. I highly suggest checking out the whole film and the previous four to understand how the dance scenes fit into the greater picture. 

I hope you have enjoyed this series. We will be back next week with a brand new month (June!) and another unique series. We will be shifting away from film to television, but, of course, not your run of the mill shows. Until then, happy dancing!