May I Have This Dance, '90s Movie Edition: #2, Pulp Fiction

Last week we kicked off the May film series "May I Have This Dance, '90s Movie Edition" with one of my favorite dance scenes - the My Sharona scene from Reality Bites. For those just tuning in, these scenes are selected from non musical, non dance movies. They are a bit unexpected, which makes them treasures. Today, we touch on one of the most popular scenes in the series, the dance between Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) and Vincent Vega (John Travolta) in Pulp Fiction (1994).

Regardless, if you love, hate, or are indifferent to Quentin Tarantino, you have to admit this dance scene is one of the best and much needed to lift the mood between the vignettes of intentional murder, drug overdoses, accidental murder, and the threat of rape. It also calls back to a time of simple dance moves which can win a dance competition.

This scene is performed at weddings, parodied, and referenced again and again not only in discussions of Pulp Fiction or Tarantino, but as one of the best dance scenes, period. It was and is an instant classic. So when out tonight (or this weekend) consuming your burgers and shakes, why not throw in a twist, the swim, the boogaloo, or even The Batman (aka Batusi).