Me and Earl and The Dying Girl

The summer movie season is saturated with big blockbusters to the point that sometimes the little "indies" might escape your notice. Case in point: Me and Earl and The Dying Girl. I caught this film in April at the Wisconsin Film Festival - by then the film had wowed at Sundance and been picked up by Fox Searchlight. It is based on a book by Jesse Andrews, though I have not read it yet. I only knew the brief description in the film guide going into the film, because at that point the trailer had not even dropped.  

The story is simple: a high schooler named Greg (Thomas Mann), tries to coast through school without fully committing to any friends. Instead he has a co-worker (this is a term Greg feels comfortable with as the term friends gives him anxieties), Earl (RJ Cyler), a classmate who he has spent many years making film parodies (fellow film geeks will enjoy this element). Greg is, as much as a teenager can be, content with his life and the box he has created for himself. He navigates through all the cliques: the popular and pretty, the goths, the tweekers, the jocks, and so on. Then his mother asks (more like forces) him to visit Rachel (Olivia Cooke), a classmate who has been diagnosed with cancer. Then everything changes. 

And that is the only information I will give you, besides the fact I think if my husband and I did have a son, it would without a doubt be a doppelganger of the character Greg (awkward, creative, introverted, and tall and lanky like my husband, who even in college wanted to make films with his friends over going to parties). 

Me and Earl and The Dying Girl will be in theaters this weekend (starting June 12th), and I do hope you will take the time to give this film a chance. You may hate it or just not get why this movie hit all the right notes with me and that is okay. However, for me, this film had heart, a mix of the quirky, the beautiful, the sweet, and funny (which is not surprising with a cast that includes Nick OffermanConnie BrittonMolly Shannon, and Jon Bernthal - who sports the best teacher tattoos I've ever seen).  

Here is the trailer. Enjoy.