Paper Twin Peaks

"And The World Was Paper" is a new YouTube channel that launched in May. Every other Monday they will be posting a movie trailer or famous scene recreated out of only paper. Their first video was "Paper Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer", which I encourage you to check out. However, for their second they picked a top, as you know, very close to my heart: Twin Peaks. 

"Paper Twin Peaks" consists of the intro of the cult show with the theme music performed by Bedroom Musician. As someone who loves paper creations and Twin Peaks, I give this video a stamp of approval. From the bird, to the mill, to the waterfall - every show is whimsical and spot on. It truly makes we wish they could remake every episode in this delightful way. In addition to staying up-to-date via their YouTube, you can also follow "And the World Was Paper" on Twitter and Instagram. It is how I know that they have a Mad Max: Fury Road video in the works. "Witness!" Plus, you can even see part of in the making process, which I find fascinating..