Macon & Lesquoy

As previously discussed, I love quirky designers, especially in the realm of jewelry. I have even curated themed collection from Architectural Jewelry to Rain-Inspired. I usually also suggest following your favorite designers to keep up to date with their new creations. However, there is another potential perk to following designers - the tendency of many to post about other quirky and creative artists. Case in point, Lou Taylor Illustrations casually posted a photo on instagram of a new hand embroidered banana brooch they picked up. With that one simple post, I knew I needed to see more by Macon & Lesquoy

First, off I should note, Macon & Lesquoy make more than hand-embroidered jewelry (which is mostly comprised of brooches / pins), but since this is a quirky jewelry post we are going to focus on this line (you can check out their patches, heat-sealable badges, leather and soft goods on their site).  

Marie Macon and Anne-Laure Lesquoy started making accessories together in 2009. They draw up their motifs, pick their materials, and find the best craftspeople to make their ideas come to fruition. Their pieces looks meticulous, and include off-beat humor and themes.  

They refer to their jewelry line as ""Embroidered Jewels." How enchanting to wear an embroidered jewel! Each piece is hand-embroidered cannetille on felt, made in Pakistan. The precision and quality of military badges inspired the construction of this line. Though most are brooches, they also have necklaces, hair clips, or headbands on occasion. What I like about these brooches and pins is the fact they are unisex. The whimsical and quirky themes of food, clothing, animals, etc are not just for a woman's cardigan. No. Men can and should add them to their suits and shirt lapels (or even hats) to add a bit of fun to their look. 

Please note, all their prices are listed in Euros, but do not let that deter you, since it usually converts to a dollar or two more in US currency (I have not tried to order any-yet-for myself, but I am hopeful they ship to the States). 

Here is a sample of Macon & Lesquoy's work, which include some of my favorite designs. I especially want an embroidered jewel in fennel or in a bendy straw. Take time to check out more of their work, both on their site linked above or their Instagram or Facebook page.