The Curated Bomb Pop

Whether you refer to them as Bomb Pops or Rocket Pops, the red, white, and blue treat brings smiles to many faces. It's a Popsicle that screams nostalgic Americana and packs three flavors (cherry, lime, and blue raspberry) to the delight of many generations. Did you know the Bomb Pop has been around since 1955? It was made by James S. Merritt and D.s. “Doc” Abernathie from Kansas City, Missouri. They eventually sold their cold treat rights to Wells Dairy, who distributed them under the Blue Bunny brand.  

When thinking of what to curate for the Fourth of July, I decided the Bomb Pop should be the center of attention. It not only wears the colors of Red, White, and Blue proudly, but it is the perfectly symbol of summer, no matter where you grew up. No matter how old you are, everyone can recognize this Popsicle (though as stated before, they might have a different name for it). I decided to look around and see what I could find.

It turns out, there are many depictions of the Bomb Pop (even earrings and leggings). Throughout my searching, I kept coming back to "fan art", if you will. There are so many styles and forms of art that pay homage this tasty treat, and each one unique in their own right. Some are minimal, some are messy, and others whimsical. I even found, as you will, a handmade Bomb Pop pillow, which could be displayed in a gallery with the rest of these wonderful creations.

I hope you will enjoy them, and maybe, find inspiration to sketch, sculpture, sew, or even Instagram your own version of The Bomb Pop.