Supermutant Magic Academy

You may remember one of my top choices for Free Comic Book Day 2015 included Jillian Tamaki's SuperMutant Magic AcademyThe webcomic was recently published in print and I was able to binge my way through this wonderful series. 

The story centers on superheroes, mutants, and those magically inclined and how despite these abilities, they too have to deal with adolescence, high school cliques, the desire to be liked or even loved, insecurities about looks, what the future holds, crushes on best friends, and stressful social engagements like prom. The characters are unique and delightful to explore through each standalone comic and the collection as a whole. 

I think of Etelka Lehoczky on NPR summed SuperMutant Magic Academy up best (aka how it stands out in a world with Harry Potter, The Magicians, The Worst Witch Ever "each installment is a puffy little sugar bomb. Every comic is simply a real treat."

I have curated a few comics featuring my favorite character, Frances, below. Frances is the artist of the bunch and every comic with her is absolutely brilliant. I hope she will entice you to get to know her fellow classmates and all their teenage highs and woes.