Favorite Makeup Brands

The past year I have been delving into the world of organic / natural makeup. There are a lot of brands that boost natural products, but like food or even cleaning products, the word "natural" can be very misleading. My advice for choosing a product is always the same: read the ingredient list and do your research. In the case of makeup, the go-to site to see the toxicity of the product is the resource EWG's Skin Deep (they do not have every product yet - but there are many listed, which has greatly aided my transition to healthy products - from makeup to shampoo, dish soap to sunscreen).

I know many women who do not wear makeup, which, let's face it, is the best option for your skin. I usually embrace this option when I am bumming around the house for a day. However, I actually love makeup, whether it is a nude lip or a bright blue eye shadow. The key for me is finding good quality products that enhance my features and personality without damaging my skin or exposing me to toxic chemicals.

Over the course of the year there have been disappointments, but more importantly there have been, in my opinion, three stand-out brands. Not only do all three brands include natural ingredients, but a short list of ingredients you can actually read and understand. Plus, the make each package and product feel like a gift to yourself. It's an odd thing to say, but in a world of poor design, I am happy to see good products packaged in beautiful design. I could go on and on, but let us take a look at each brand individually. 

Alima Pure

Alima Pure was one of the first brands I tried and I have been a loyal customer since. This company hails from Portland and all their products are made in the United States. 

Their goal is to use the highest quality, purest mineral pigments, that not only enhances your natural beauty but also lets your individuality shine through. They promise no toxic chemicals, irritants or preservatives. They also allow you to purchase samples of certain products to find the right shade for you. This is how I found my two favorite blushes: Apple Blossom and Mimosa, both in their Satin Matte Blush Collection. They also come in the best packaging, where you can open and seal the container (see image below). In addition to the blushes, I am making my way through their eye shadows. My current favorites are Fawn and Aquamarine. I also use their Satin Matte Shadow in Cocoa for my eyebrows (started before they had their own eyebrow line). I simply use an eyebrow brush, a bit of water, and the medium warm brown shadow to create compliment-worthy brows. The shadows come in smaller packaging, but because of their high pigment quality, last longer than you would think.  

I look forward to trying more products out, but for now, Alima Pure has locked itself in as my go-to in blush and shadows. They are always coming out with new shades and products as a whole. In addition to their website, they are very active on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where they post deals, features, and more. 

W3ll People 

My most recent discovery is W3ll People, an Austin-based company founded by a Makeup artists, a dermatologist, and an eco-conscious marketing strategist. In my search for a functional and natural mascara the same name kept popping up: W3ll People's Expressionist Mascara. Of course, it was out of stock due to the high demand of this product. Recently, it was back in stock and decided to scoop it up in both regular and travel-size, not to mention their Realist Invisible Setting Powder. 

Results: The mascara has not disappointed. I think in a blind test, it would be hard to detect this mascara from a popular, mass brand. Of course, the wearer would instantly know as the mascara is gentle in comparison to those brands. My lashes are dark, full, with no clumping. Exactly what you want out of a mascara.

My second purchase, the Realist Invisible Setting Powder, is another product where a little goes a long way. I use it to set my foundation (which will be revealed in the next brand). As a fair skinned girl, invisible or translucent powders are a must, but some natural brands come with a strong scent, whereas this a light, almost unnoticeable fragrance. I am still not 100% sure if I will continue to shop around in the face powder department - as I have not tested this one out in winter - the season which really makes or breaks a makeup product in my book. 

If you want to know more about W3ll People, their site is linked above and you can find them on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter

RMS Beauty

If I could take only two items with me on a trip, both products would be from RMS Beauty, a New York cosmetic line created by celebrity makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift. This company strives for products that hydrate and radiant your skin; as they say "skincare with mineral color." This is exactly how I feel about both of my staple RMS Beauty Products:  "Un" Cover-Up and Lip2Cheek

When it comes to foundation, I prefer a creamy or liquid product. In the world of natural makeup, most foundations are powder-based. Then I discovered RMS Beauty's "Un" Cover-Up, which serves as both foundation and concealer. Two products in one. It is creamy and nourishing to my skin. I also find, I simply need it to cover up a spot here and there. I no longer feel confined to full-coverage thinking. It is a hands down, worth the money, can not live without it product. For fair skin types like me, I use the shade #00. They also make an Un-Powder, which I hope to try soon.

Finally, there is RMS Beauty's Lip2Cheek, which means you can use it as a creamy blush, in addition to lip color. When I want a darker, more striking look then I opt for this over my Alima Pure Satin Matte Blushes. Like the "Un" Cover-Up, Lip2Check is creamy and nourishing for your lips and skin. You can also control how light or dark you want the product. My current favorite color is Smile, which is a coral color, but I hope to try a few more (and even more I hope they will come out with a nude color soon).

With two-in-one products, it is easy to see why they are my have to take everywhere products. You can find more about RMS Beauty from their site linked above or again through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Plus, you can even find them at Beauty.Com

I hope you have enjoyed learning about these brands and products, but more importantly, I hope I inspire you to experiment with natural makeup.