Blue Platypus

I recently stumbled across Blue Platypus when looking over what "Conscious Clothing" was available on ModCloth. Confession: despite my window shopping and online curation, I made a very important decision to make eco-friendly choices when adding items to my wardrobe. A Conscious Closet does not mean throwing everything you currently own out, but making sure your new items are not only about sustainable materials, but also knowing where your clothes are made, who made them, what conditions they were make in, were workers paid a fair wage, etc.  

I know, you probably think that sounds like a lot of work. First off, the budget way to do this, which is how I have been adding to my closet all summer, is thrift shopping, because you are essentially recycling clothing. For those who prefer newer items, finding affordable, ethical clothing is getting easier, especially thanks to shops highlighting their Conscious Clothing, like ModCloth or even ASOS, who uses vintage fabric to create new pieces locally.  

Also, since I am spending much of my time researching and casing out my favorite pieces, especially those at affordable price points, I will most likely be passing that information on to you. Like today's spotlight on Los Angeles-based Blue Platypus. 

Blue Platypus

This company boasts 100% made in the United States products. The items are designed in Brighton, Michigan and produced in Los Angeles, where the company was founded. Blue Platypus began in 2003 by Scooter (Scott) and Heidi Gates, plus their financial wizard who goes by the name Big Dave. Their love of 1920s to 1970s shows through their designs, which is probably why I adore them (my home is pulled together by pieces from the 1920s to the 1960s). Their collection includes geometric designs, organic shapes, quirky juxtapositions, and simple silhouettes in what they refer to as a "cornucopia of flavors."

Though Blue Platypus has a wonderful collection of dresses, skirts, hoodies (which they refer to as "zippies"), and scarves, I decided that my first introduction to them should focus on their wonderful graphics collection featured on tees, tanks, and long sleeve shirts. I find them each visual striking, charming, and something I would happily add to my closet, thanks to their great designs and beautiful colors. 

Blue Platypus is definitely an example of how knowing who makes your clothes and where your clothes are made can be a fun and whimsical experience. In addition to the site linked above, you can follow Blue Platypus on Instagram or Facebook. Check out the curated collection below and check back for future looks into Conscious Clothing on Cardigans and Cravats.