Vintage Pendleton Plaid



Autumn is almost here. To celebrate, nature's most technicolor of seasons, you might even pull out some of your favorite pieces, and depending on where you live this could be the addition of a cardigan and boots. To many, it might even be a plaid item. Though I have lived in Wisconsin almost two years, my wardrobe is lacking in checked/ tartan cloth. Sure I have a scarf that I adore, but to get me through fall and winter, I need a few more items both for style and for function.  

As part of my choice to have a conscious closet, I will be (fingers crossed) thrifting these pieces at St. Vincent de Paul's.  If I can find Scottish or Irish-made items in my size, I will be elated. However, my brand of choice in my vintage bargain hunting is the Pacific Northwest company Pendleton.

Pendleton is a family-owned business that has been operating for 150 years. Their headquarters is in Portland, Oregon. The company is known for their warm blankets and, of course, one sweater donned by The Dude. From my research their fabric is still woven in the USA, but sometimes the fabric is sent overseas to be turned into clothing items ( I am not sure if their overseas operations are ethical or not.  Luckily for me, I am more interested in their vintage items).

Thrifting is a form of recycling and comes with the knowledge that you are being environmentally and ethically friendly. This is why I have curated a collection of pieces of vintage Pendleton items to inspire you to maybe add a vintage piece or two to your autumn wardrobe.

There are many button shirts out there, which is why for this collection, I opted to focus on jackets, different styles of skirts and jackets, and pants, shorts, dresses, fitted blazers, and even capes. Notice too how nicely some of their scarves hold up over time. The decades range from the 1940s to 1990s. The plaids also range in style and color to demonstrate that there's something for everyone. Though, be warned, if you are allergic or cannot stand the feel of wool, look but do not touch. Plus - these fall stables can be worn throughout winter with additional layers and cold-weather styling.