#EmilyReadsThenDraws, Part 3

Due to my addiction to books, we have already reached the third installment of #emilyreadsthendraws, which includes numbers 61-90 (for previous installments see Part 1 and Part 2). A quick reminder, this is a collection of digital drawings that I have sketched (using Samsung's S Note app) after reading a book (whether it happens to be a novel, a work of nonfiction, a graphic novel, or even an audiobook). Sometimes I choose to draw a replica of the book cover or create a variation of the cover. Other times I pull from part of the story (this tends to happen when I read a graphic novel, I will pull a panel from inside the book). 

I'm actually over 90 drawings (you can find the recent creations my Instagram account. I tend to post at least one-two #emilyreadsthendraws sketches a week, in addition to my other drawings. I decided to dedicate this year to the word #make and this one word has helped me reconnect to my love of drawing and illustration. I feel incomplete if I do not do at least five minutes of drawing a day.

I hope this will inspire you to tackle your own projects. I also encourage you to check out the titles below. There are some repeat authors in this collection, which includes books by Rob Sheffield (Talking to Girls About Duran Duran, Turn Around Bright Eyes, and On Bowie) and graphic novels series by Meredith Gran (Octopus Pie) and John Allison (Giant Days). I think it is a great collection of books and really feel there is something for everyone in this collection.