2015 Book List Round-up

This week has been a tough one, but I still wanted to get out my top books consumed in 2015. Please see A Visual of My Reading / Literary Consuming Habits (2015) for a complete list of books. These are my absolute top, must-recommend-without-hesitation books and do not reflect poorly on any book not included in the following lists: Favorite Stand-Alone Volumes (which includes novels, nonfiction, and graphic novels), Current Favorite Comic / Graphic Novel Series, and Favorite Audiobooks. These are my favorites at this point in time and could change in the next month or year ( I have a habit of changing ratings after a time of reflecting), but for now, these are the books I'm in love with, and I hope you will check at least one of them out (literally from your local public library).  

Favorite Stand-Alone Volumes 

Current Favorite Comic / Graphic Novel Series 

Favorite Audiobooks