A Visual of My Reading / Literary Consuming Habits (2015)


Last year I broke down "A Visual of My Reading Habits" into the books that I owned versus the books I checked out from the public library. This year I only read 10 books from my personal collection, which could be considered a failure as I stated on the site that I planned to read at least 25 from my personal collection. However, if a person consumes, say, 121 books again, as I did in 2015 (Literary humblebrag), can you really consider that a failure? I do not think so.

You may note that I use the word "consume" instead of read. I settled on its use when the debate over "but you can't read an audiobook" occurred. In 2014, I only listened to one audiobook on my list. For 2015, I devoured 57*.

I am addicted to books and when my work and projects picked up, I had to compensate. It also did not hurt that one of said projects allowed for multitasking. I started with an author and books I knew well (Agatha Christie) and went from there. I had to abandon a few audiobooks, due to narrators, but found many narrators that kept me returning again and again, including authors who rock at reading their own works. Through the world of audiobooks, I increased my nonfiction count from last year and embraced the world of short story collections, which I hope to continue in 2016.

In addition to audio books, I read 13 physical fiction and nonfiction books, plus 51 graphic novels, which included both stand alone and volumes that are part of a series. 

You can see them broken down into these three categories below. If you are interested in my top favorites from this list, be sure to tune in next week for my fun lists (check out last year's Books Lists: 2014 for how I like to process my lists).  

Reading is a resolution that I can achieve. For 2016, I have another goal of 120 books (10 books a month). From showing you the different ways you can "consume" books, I hope to inspire you to dive into the literary world and set your own personal goal, whether that is 12 books a year or 200. Setting achievable goals to me is a great way to start the new year. To make it fun, I also plan to draw a book cover for each book I read (which will be available via  Instagram, #emilyreadsthendraws). 

Physical Fiction & Nonfiction Books 

Graphic Novels


*Footnote: I checked out audiobooks for free using Overdrive (which also offers ebooks, but I am purely a print and audiobook girl). My local library has an account and I am able to put ten books on hold at a time. When my place in the queue comes up, I can download them to my phone (check out is seven days) and listen to them anywhere. If I finish the book earlier, I can return it or it will automatically expire when my time is up. You can renew a book and pick it up at the point where you left off as well.