People Tree: Fall/Winter 2016 Corduroy

It has been over a year since I switched to a ethical fashion / conscious closet wardrobe. I can either thrift my clothes or I have to purchase them from a company who is fair trade or uses ethical practice in the making of those clothes. During this time, People Tree has been my go-to favorite choice. You may remember my highlight on them for Dressember 2015. In addition to be a  fair trade and sustainable fashion company (which is out of the UK), they also continuously have pieces that embody my own person style (which means, I do not have to lose my identity and can still make a difference with my clothing purchases).

Their fall/ winter line is no exception. I am in love with the majority of the piece and could do a whole series on my favorite pieces (who knows I might just do that off and on throughout the next few months). However, for now I am limiting myself to highlight their amazing collection of black corduroy. Clean lines, tailored-looking fits, a deep rich black that would work in anyone's wardrobe. I usually never swoon over shorts, but I am very tempted by the pair in this collection. For me, in addition to wool sweater, corduroy is key to keeping out the bitter Wisconsin cold temperatures and these pieces give warmth without reducing style.  

One thing I want to note, People Tree has amazing sales (like many ethical clothing companies). I have never paid full price on a single item I own. Actually, my patience to buy near the end of a season keeps my budget on track. So, when you see the prices do not fear, but simply wait and hope that they still have your size when the time comes. Until then, I hope you enjoy the pieces below and that you will enjoy me by window-shopping their current collection online.