Tatty Devine Halloween Treats

It has been a while since I highlighted Tatty Devine's pieces, but there is no time like the present. Though they make seasonal collections, I find their quirky style has no limitations. In the style of Halloween Jewelry Perfect for Everyday of the Year (of which, one of these pieces was included - but it is still a favorite and available), some of their classic pieces and some of their 2016 Halloween collection can be worn whenever you like.  

Want to wear a cat ring, because it is a Tuesday in May? Go ahead. Need some ghost cufflinks to get you through January? Why not? If you need some bats, skulls, spider-webbing, or a zombie/monster scream - the curated collection below has something to add just a little spooky style to any day of the year. These are my favorite pieces, but of course, Tatty Devine has more "Spooktacular" themes to choose form, along with a variety of cool and well-made pieces.