Vintage Film Threads: Dress Like Rear Window

Rear Window (1954)

I can not imagine anyone making it through the Halloween season without thinking about a single Alfred Hitchcock film. From The Birds, to Psycho, to last year's A Very Thrifted Halloween highlight of Vertigo, to name a few. Not only are they suspenseful and wonderfully directed, but they also have the recurring theme of excellent fashion. Rear Window, of course, is no exception; it may be the pinnacle of horror fashion style. 

The film may revolve around L. B. "Jeff" Jefferies (James Stewart), a professional photographer temporarily under house arrest thanks to a broken leg) and how he spends his copious amount of spare time observing/spying on his neighbors. However, his girlfriend, Lisa Fremont (Grace Kelly), steals every scene, whether those scenes involve their sizzling chemistry and relationship banter or more serious conversations, such as Jeff thinking his neighbor killed his wife. It helps that every piece of clothing worn by Kelly in this film was designed by the brilliant costume designer Edith Head. Each outfit is a simple, elegant, perfectly tailored piece for popping by to check on Jeff's recovery and committing a B&E (breaking and entering) to assist him in his investigation. 

For this week's special Halloween/October edition of Vintage Film Threads, I chose three of the five outfits Grace Kelly wears as Lisa Fremont and curated three pieces for each to help you recreate this beautiful style for either your Halloween costume or your everyday wear. I've specially highlighted the stylish green suit, to the floral dress perfect for committing a crime and the black and white stunner everyone remembers for this film. I hope you will enjoy this collection and seek out more Hitchcock fashion at your local thrift/vintage stores. 

From Left To Right: 1. A pillbox hat with a birdcage veil. 2. A celadon green tailored suit - preferably with a pencil skirt option. You will want a sleeveless blouse (with a crisscross neckline) to complete the look. 3. One key accessory: shown here with a chunky pearl necklace, but you could go with pearl earrings or a necklace, a white belt, or a pair of white gloves. 

From Left to Right: 1. A simple, short strand of pearls (bonus if paired with a pair of matching pearl earrings). 2. A white sleeveless dress with golden flowers. 3. A simple white clutch (or you could go with an vintage, preferably faux, snake or alligator-skinned bag to dig through for evidence. 

From Left to Right: 1. A dress with a black top and A-line white skirt. 2. A pair of white satin gloves. 3. A pair of strappy (preferably crisscross) black sandal heels. Bonus accessories: A tulle shawl, a black dress belt, or again a pair of pearl earrings and necklace. 

I hope you have enjoyed this special October/Halloween edition of Vintage Film Threads. If you have a particular film you would like to see in this series, please leave a comment below. Until next week.