Enamel Ghosts

One of my favorite things to do during Halloween is to indulge my love of ghosts. I have a playlist, Feeling Ghostly, dedicated to hauntings and specters. For Inktober (a monthly drawing challenge), I have created a ghost girl character and with each drawing, I adapt each prompt accordingly. I dive into ghost stories (currently reading Shirley Jackson's The Haunting of Hill House) and binge on ghost-themed films. 

Which brings me to my first thought entering the glorious month that is October, why do I not own any ghost enamel pins? There are tons. Seriously, so many to chose from. I want to treat myself to one, but so far I've limited this post to the 12 curated favorites you can view below. When looking for a ghost pin, you get a variety of emotions, some that glow in the dark, pins with text, ghost costumes, and so on.  

I do hope you will enjoy the below collection and find your own perfect pin for, not just the Halloween season, but something you can enjoy all year long.