Greetings by Dick Vincent



As a particular holiday is on the horizon, this week on the site, I have decided to dedicate a number of posts to greeting cards. As you know, real mail is important to me. I love exchanging letters, postcards and mail art with friends. Though Mother's Day and Christmas are the leaders in popular card holidays, Valentine's Day holds steady at third (occasionally edging to number two depending on the year). This is not exactly a Valentine's Day post, but a way to elevate amazing illustrators and their work, which is available in card format. I hope you enjoy and will check back throughout the week.

Dick Vincent

Dick Vincent hails from the North of England. His work kept popping up in my Instagram feed, being "regrammed" from various artists in the UK that I follow. The first of these images that really caught my eye was a kissing booth, which you can see is included in the curated collection below. From there I started following Vincent himself on Instagram and found myself liking all of his posts.  

The style of Dick Vincent is simple wonderful. He uses watercolors to develop the amazing coloring and texture in each image. He uses whimsy, humor, animals, nature, literary references, and more to create a solid collection. Plus, in addition to prints, these works are available in card form.

Below are my top choices for romance, for a holiday or because it's Tuesday. A few are filled with humor ("Oh for Fox Sake," Mark Twain preferring dogs to people, the kissing booth mentioned above, etc.), but I've also included a few more traditional, but still unique in their romantic sentiment. This is such a small sampling, which is why I encourage you to check out Dick Vincent's Etsy shop and Instagram feed. I cannot be held responsible if you want to purchase everything you see.