She's Crafty

For my fellow sewers, knitters, artists, makers, and creators, I present a curated collection of jewelry just for you. Simple, beautiful ways to express your creative sides, whether you are deep into your current project or out for a cup of coffee.  It is also proof there is something out there for everyone, from knitting collar clips to pencil sharpener necklaces for those obsessed with drawing or even stationary. As always, these are a select, handpick few that I not only adore, but show the range of styles and types of jewelry you can find that tell the world, "She's Crafty."*

* Though the title of the piece is taken from the the song "She's Crafty" from The Beastie Boys's 1986 album Licensed to Ill, I purely mean crafty in the creative sense. And yes, I did have the song stuck in my head while writing the entire piece.