jane's tiny things Nail Decals


We can all agree nail art has taken off the last few years. Instead of going to a nail salon, many have found easy solutions to this trend with nail wraps (I myself am a fan of Espionage Cosmetics). However, what about when you want just a little something, a tiny thing if you will.  Look no further than jane's tiny things nail decals. 

A friend last fall gifted me a very special set, the You Remind Me of the Babe, featuring many versions of David Bowie. I have been hoarding this set, but have decided to finally break it out. Having a little Bowie here and there never hurts when I need that special magic power to help me get through my week.  

That's what makes jane's tiny things decals so special; you can use one or as many as you like (the You Remind Me of the Babe set comes with 88 little Bowie heads). As stated on the website these "Super easy to use and high quality waterslide nail decals that will make nail art a breeze for anyone from a novice to a 30 year nail tech vet." The term waterslide means these decals work as temporary tattoos, but for your nails. They can be applied over a variety of regular light nail or gel polish colors. You can read about the full process under any of their current nail decal sets or you can watch this video to see how fool-proof they are to apply:

I've included some of my favorite decal sets below so no matter if you geek out about pie or The Golden Girls, jane's tiny things might have the perfect match for you. Enjoy the curated selection, but definitely check out creations on the jane's tiny things website and/or Etsy shop.