From previous posts, you can determine that I love a great story, whether it is portrayed in music, film, or books.  I get lost in their worlds, fall in love with their characters.

When it comes to stories contained in books, I consume in all formats: fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, short-form comics, audiobooks. You can even view my visual reading habits from 2014 and 2015. As you can see due to the nature of my literary addiction, I set high to-read goals each year.  This year, I hope to again read (or consume) at least 120 books.  The twist I added to my goal? I not only plan to read that many books, but I also plan to draw a piece for each of them.  

As already seen in the thirty (and counting) installments of #emilyreadsthendraws, this could be the cover, a segment of the book, or an illustration the work inspired.  It coincides with my word of the year for 2016: "Make".  After one of the least creative years in my adult life, I have dedicated 2016 to creativity. Whether that is knitting, writing, making things happen, or, in this case, drawing, I am focusing on the word "Make" each and every day.  

If you are interested in seeing my year of "Make" or following along my year of literary creations, please see my Instagram account or through the hashtag #emilyreadsthendraws.  The first thirty installments of #emilyreadsthendraws are below and I hope to do another post when I have the next thirty drawings. 

I hope you will be inspired to find your own creative project to embrace this year. I have to admit for me, this has turned it an amazing project and I look forward to seeing how the year develops.  It has been years since I drew this much and I am glad to be sketching / doodling again. I may even dedicate a number of posts to updates as I go along.