A Bit of Green (for any day of the year)

As you may remember from last year's Mad About March Double Feature: St. Patrick's Day, I quite enjoy the holiday. However, I know shamrocks and stout are not everyone's cup of tea. I myself prefer a low-key evening over the parades and barhopping that most enjoy. I also love wearing green. 

As a fair skin girl, green is my friend. My eyes reflect the hue and, overall, it is a color that works well with my complexion. That is why I say, even if you are indifferent towards the holiday, treat yourself to a bit of green this season. It does not have to be in the shapes of shamrocks, beer, or claddagh. Why not don reflections of nature (it is almost spring after all), geometric shapes, or even a dinosaur? There is no limit to what pieces of jewelry come in green, but I hope you will enjoy the curated collection below and find the right piece for you - whether you prefer a minimal style or quirky statement pieces.