An Anniversary Worth Noting

March, for me, is a month filled with anniversaries. My grandparents married on March 15. My husband and I chose the 27th for our nuptials six years ago. Our dog Buster celebrated his adoption anniversary yesterday on March 17th. Then there is March 18th, the day I first saw Jenny Lewis live.

It may not seem like something to note for some, but for me, it is a key moment in my life. I was visiting a friend in New York for a long weekend and she asked one simple question: if I wanted to go to a concert at Irving Plaza. This is one of the most important yeses in my life. I knew Jenny Lewis as the child actress (Troop Beverly Hills, The WizardBig Girls Don't Cry... They Get Even, and Foxfire to name a few). I also had heard one or two Rilo Kiley songs, but being a girl from the East Coast, I was a latecomer to their scene.

Jenny Lewis at Irving Plaza, March 18, from  Bumpershine .

Jenny Lewis at Irving Plaza, March 18, from Bumpershine.

March 18, 2006. My first trip to New York to check it out before attending grad school, and one of the most vivid moments is the feeling that warmed my heart when Jenny Lewis and The Watson Twins took the stage with their songs from Rabbit Fur Coat. I liken it to Emma Thompson in Love Actually: "And true love lasts a lifetime. Joni Mitchell is the woman who taught your cold English wife how to feel." It was Jenny Lewis and an American girl... that years later became a wife. 

Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins at Irving Plaza, March 18th, from  Fresh Bread.  

Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins at Irving Plaza, March 18th, from Fresh Bread. 

Since that moment I have seen Jenny Lewis live at many venues, multiple states and every time I get another jolt of those feelings. Alive, not alone, comfort, and happy. If you want to experience a little bit of it from the comfort of your own home, I highly suggest checking out the album Rabbit Fur Coat, which turned 10 years old on January 25 (as you can see below I did a little art to honor this album which means more than words can describe). For a person who loves music and has so many favorites, being able to note the moment my adoration began is a special thing - which is why, to me, it's an anniversary worth noting.