Vintage Sundresses

It is that time of year, where the sun is out and the temperatures are warm. It is the time of year I start contemplating adding a white sundress to my wardrobe.  This will come as a shock to those who know me. White is not a color I tend to choose. This is both in part of my very fair skin and the fact I am incredible accident prone. I can just imagine on my first day out in a white cotton sundress and spilling ice coffee all over it. Alas, I still have this odd urge.  I imagine a vintage white cotton sundress paired with a great denim jacket and effortless shades and shoes.  A classic style, incorporating staples of summer.  

In my research search for dresses, I decided to curate a small collection that completely fit this vibe.  They range from the 1950s to 1980s and are as on trend today as they were the day they were crafted.  They can be worn alone, paired with a color slip underneath, or accessorized to fit your style. The perfect dress for a day at the beach, a brunch out with friends, a date night - the skies the limit on this classic piece.  I hope you enjoy the curated collection below, but also that you will seek out your own vintage treasure (either online or a local thrift store). If you prefer newer pieces, I highly recommend checking out some ethical dress companies that are sure to have some great spring styles this season.