Accessorize, The Queen is Dead

This week marks the 30th anniversary release of one of my favorite albums, The Smith's The Queen is Dead (release on June 16, 1986).  I listen to this album almost every week. It never losing its downloaded place on my spotify account. I know the order of the songs. I know the songs that will pull me out of my funk. The songs I dance to. The songs I cry to.  I love this album so much, I actually went to here a cover bands sing it live a few weeks ago. To me this is a perfect album (which to me means every song gets listened to over and over again).

There are so many ways I could celebrate these songs, but in what has come to be a traditional Cardigan & Cravats fashion - I have curated a small collection of items you can accessorize your life with and show you passion for this band, this album, and your favorite song.  Whether you love the well known "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out" to if you dread sunny days and need to meet at the "Cemetery Gates." My personal favorite is "Bigmouth Strikes Again" - it pumps me up for anything I have to tackle.  Embrace your geekery, embrace this album, because if you are like me, "Life is very long, when you're lonely." and these songs can help you through it.