Vintage Film Threads: Dress Like 'Sing Street'

Today kicks off a new Friday tradition. When I started Cardigans and Cravats, I used to dedicate each month to a film series. Over time, I needed a break. Recently, I wanted to start writing again about film, but wanted a series that would be continuous. I decided to mash up two themes on the blog: ethical vintage fashion and film (a call back to my October 2015 series: A Very Thrifted Halloween. Selecting the first film in this series was easy; not only does it have epic 80's threads, it also happens to be my favorite 2016 film so far.

Sing Street

John Carney's film centers around Conor (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo), a catholic schoolboy growing up in Dublin in 1985. For those who know your Irish history, this was a rough time, economically. This plays out as the backdrop of the film and definitely brings a dark cloud into Conor's household. However, like many teens in the 80's, Conor embraces music, (thanks to his brother Brendon, played by Jack Reynor) to get him through this time. This leads to him starting a band to get a girl, Raphina (Lucy Boynton). Well, not just starting a band to get a girl, but making some great music videos as well.

The music is catchy, the actors perfectly cast, and the styles weave various fashion trends (with a strong influence from new wave). It is classic 80's, made in 2016. If you have not seen it, definitely keep it on your to-watch list. For those who have or those obsessed with 80's fashion, scroll down to see my three looks that are easy to work into your everyday style. 

Long wool coats have and will always be in style. However, not since Duckie have characters rocked the pork pie hat as perfectly as Conor and Eamon (Mark McKenna) do in Sing Street. I personally would love the pork pie hat to come back in style and not in an ironic way. Throw in a pair of lennon-esque eyewear and you have yourself a perfect nod to the 80's, but also pieces that mix well with most of your fall and winter wardrobes. These pieces are also uni-sex, which makes it a look ideal for either gender. 

Raphina is a model in the film and instantly becomes the girl in all the videos Sing Street makes. Her style is flawless 80's, but some pieces are also perfect for 2016. Take, for instance, her leather jacket, mini skirt, and scarf combo. I personally think all closets should have these pieces (I am still looking for the perfect ethical/vintage jacket, but the rest I have already checked off my to-own list). They are also easy pieces to thrift and never allow themselves to be defined by one decade since the later 1950's on. 

Then you have the effortless Robert Smith style (for those who need a quick reminder, Smith is the lead singer of The Cure - who are actually on tour this summer).  All you need are a baggy sweater layered over a simple tee and some black skinny jeans. Again, another unisex option. It is a look I have even worn myself from time to time. These are also pieces you can find at any local thrift store, online auction, or Etsy. I leave it up to you on whether to go full Smith with some eyeliner and styled locks.

Hope you have enjoyed this first installment. If you have a particular film you would like to see in this series, please leave a comment below. Until next week, remember thrifting is the most environmental, ethical, and economic clothing choice you can make.