Black Moons for the Black Moon

Today, we get to experience a Black Moon. There are many definitions as to what constitutes a Black Moon. There is the ominous overall definition "reference to one of four calendar events involving new or dark moons."

Broken down, it can refer to third new moon in a season with four new moons, a month with a full moon, a month with a new moon, and lastly (and the use that regards this month's Black Moon) a second new moon in a calendar month. If you are older than two years old, then you have experience this type of Black Moon in your life. The last one occurred in March 2014 and the next one will happen in 2019. 

Regardless of the definition, I decided this Black Moon was the perfect excuse to curate a collection of my favorite pieces of black moon jewelry. I settled on six pieces that include styles that are simple, elegant, whimsical, and striking. I hope you will enjoy these pieces and enjoy your second new moon of September. This is the perfect way to say goodbye to this month and hello to one of our favorite months here at Cardigan and Cravats, October.