#Emilyreadsthendraws, part 5 (for 2016)

Part 5 of #emilyreadsthendraws has arrived. The collection includes numbers 121-150 (for previous collections see Part 1Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4, or see the full 2016 collection on my illustration site The SadHappy). All of the pieces below were read and digitally sketched by Dec 31, 2016 (literally cutting it close to get number read and completed before midnight).

When I started this project in January 2016, I had no idea the life it would take on. I was astonished at the range of illustrations I would complete and the number of books I could consume (whether novel, non-fiction, graphic novel, illustrated poem, or audiobook). I did not realize friends would notice books at the library based on the covers I sketched. I am also blown away by the interest of others to participate in #emilyreadsthendraws. This is why, for 2017, I have created the hashtag #readthendrawproject to encourage others to play along as I continue #emilyreadsthendraws.

For myself, I plan to read 100 books in 2017 (less than 2016, but more manageable with the other creative projects that I have in the works). With the new year, I am hoping to tackle a new angle for #emilyreadsthendraws and am currently mulling over a few ideas as I am close to finishing two books. There are a few ways to follow along as the project continues: On Cardigans and Cravats, Instagram, Ello, or The SadHappy (linked above). I hope you consider participating yourself with the #readthendrawproject).