Visual Reading Habits of 2016

Each year, I like to compile a visual of my annual reading habits. This year is no different. This helps me remember the number of graphic novels, novels, and audiobooks I consume in the course of one year. It also helps me see how many amazing works I have access to through the Madison Public Library (out of the 150 books read, over 140 of those were borrowed from the library). I also can see the subjects I gravitated to and the various books from one series I enjoy within a year's time, or as seen in this year's illustrated books I picked up for research in my own illustration path. 

Also, what makes this collection unique is that each one of this books was also illustrated in my #emilyreadsthendraws project, a project I will be continuing in 2017.  Enjoy the visual below and definitely try and pick up a title or two, as this list includes a lot of solid 3-5 star ratings (by me - Goodreads gave my average of this collection to be 3.7, same as last year's collection). 

Novel and Non-Fiction (Printed/Non-Illustrated) Books


Graphic Novels & Other Illustrated Books