Favorite Snow Scenes: #1 - The Thing (1982)

Wisconsin winter with all its snow and cold temperatures (we are talking negative degrees) has finally arrived and has inspired a new series for the month of January - My Favorite Snow Scenes in Movies..

John Carpenter has proven his ilk as a director in many ways (like casting Kurt Russell in multiple movies in the 80s - swoon!), but today we are going to focus on one important aspect of his style: the man knows how to set up a film in the opening scene. In Carpenter's The Thing (the 1982 remake of The Thing from Another World, 1951 - what the kids were watching on TV in Halloween, 1978), you get a shot of space, an item heading for the earth, and then a vast landscape of snow with a particular disturbing "hunting" scene. What makes this a great snow scene is not just the snow, but the loneliness of Antarctica, circa 1982 (though lets be honest, they filmed in Alaska and British Columbia).

Then there is the music that sets the tone that something is not right and the cold air and surrounding snow and mountains are about to become the backdrop to something very important or at least, something very disturbing. Just think, if you get sucked into the opening scene, it's Friday, so you have plenty of time over the weekend to watch the entire film. Check out the opening scene and see exactly what I mean, and do not forget to check back next week for the second installment of the series.